Yepzon GPS Locator


GPS locator for your water sports activities Kitesurf, windsurf and SUP.

VAT included. Shipment Free.




Product Description

The small wearable GPS tracking device is amazingly easy to start using. Thanks to its unbeatable battery life and foolproof data security, the device is very reliable and smart. Yepzon can look after your valuables for weeks without being charged. WOW

Yepzon™ One works everywhere across the GSM network. It lets you know whether your target is moving or staying still. The locator has no buttons and therefore cannot be turned off by mistake. That’s why the product is extremely safe.

The small locator is easy to attach to anywhere. With our accessories you can easily attach Yepzon to anything, for example to clothes, belongings or pets.

Perfect device to your outdoor activities like kitesurf, windsurf, SUP, Kayak and water trips.



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